Our beautiful team of Havanese

Whilst health testing for Havanese is not compulsory in Australia, all our team have been health tested for hips, patellas, elbows, and eyes. They have all passed these tests with flying colours. This confirms that we are breeding from fit and healthy dogs and gives our new puppy buyers reassurance that their puppy is from healthy parents that are less likely to pass on congenital problems.



AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Hashki A Little Bit Dangerous (Ted) was our first Havanese. He is not a dog but our fur child. He understands everything that is said to him and has been on this planet before. He supervises everyone and everything around him. He is my “velcro” dog and seldom leaves my side. He enjoys rides in the car and going to cafes for coffee.

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MULTI RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW, AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION Hashki Zero The Hero is our show pony. He is a very affectionate dog and loves cuddles. When not showing, Hero loves to lie around the house sleeping.

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AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Hashki Xception To The Rule ( Rebel) is a real personality. Another one of our team who has been on this earth before, Rebel is an active little girl and a real show-off.

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Alexis was Puppy Of Breed at 2019 Sydney Royal Dog Show

Alexis was Puppy Of Breed at 2019 Sydney Royal Dog Show


AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Beljala Applause Please. Alexis is a lovely young girl with a lot of promise. She was awarded Best Puppy Of Breed at the 2019 Sydney Royal Dog Show against a very large and beautiful line up of male and female puppy Havanese. She gained her Championship title with ease just after she turned 9 months of age against some very strong competition.

Alexis is a bit of a clown whom everyone loves. She is very strong willed with a clear opinion on what she likes or does not like, and what she will and won’t do. It’s always fun and games with Alexis.



AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Hashki Young Gun (Della) is Jim’s little girl. She loves to “talk” to you rather than barking. She enjoys a good game of fetch and is very attached to her toy purple dinosaur.

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Christa’s Jumpy Clown Look At Me (imported Hungary) . Lilliana does not feel that the show ring is something that she would like to do. She has had one litter. He son has gained his Championship title (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Beljala Bite My Dust) and two of her daughters Beljala Bling It On and Beljala Better Believe It are showing great promise in the show ring.