Why are puppies from a responsible breeder so expensive?

It costs quite a lot of money, as well as time and effort, to produce a litter of healthy pups. No expense is spared and no corners are cut to ensure the welfare of our dogs and puppies.

Some of the ongoing costs (time, money and effort) for all our dogs, adults and puppies includes:


regularly worming

regular vet checks,

given flea and tick treatment,

fed a high quality and premium dog food along with fresh meat,

have their beds and play areas cleaned out and disinfected daily with the best and safest disinfectant

given Toys and various other things to keep them stimulated

played with and socialised - are part of the family

provided with quality, comfortable bedding

are kept clean and their coats are in top condition through regularly bathing and grooming with the very best products and equipment

shown at dog shows to ensure that our dogs are good specimens of the breed (costs include entry fees, travel and often accommodation)

our dogs are Champion, Grand Champions, Supreme Champions or are from proven imported dogs.

come from health tested lines

registration with the NSW Pet Registry (Companion Animals Registry).

We are not backyard breeders or puppy farmers.

We do not breed extensively and do not make money out of breeding.

Having happy, healthy, well socialised dogs costs a lot of time and money.

Our dogs and puppies welfare, both physically and mentally, is our primary consideration.

As responsible breeders registered with Dogs NSW and the Australian National Kennel Control we:

pay yearly membership fees

have all our dogs and puppies registered with these bodies

underwent an extensive Breeders Education Course and passed a written exam and Kennel inspection

abide by the Code Of Ethics and the Companion Animals Act

are members or Executives of Breed Clubs such as Varieties Of Bichon Related Breeds Club Of NSW Inc to promote the Havanese Breed.

To produce a healthy, well socialised puppy for you to take home with confidence at 8 weeks of age or older we:

Ensured that the mother was in top condition even before considering breeding her

made sure the mother was up to date with her immunisation and worming

selected a suitable stud dog

paid a substantial service fee to use the stud dog

had the mother checked by a vet during pregnancy and given an ultrasound to ensure the puppies were developing properly

had blood tests done on the mother to ensure she was healthy throughout the pregnancy

fed the mother a special food to ensure that she was taking in sufficient nutrients for her health and the health of the puppies

ensured that we had special equipment and everything necessary for the birth

weighed and recorded each puppy’s weight daily for the first few weeks of their life to ensure that they are getting enough of their mother’s milk and that they are gaining weight satisfactorily

wormed the puppies every 2 weeks

weighed and recorded each puppy’s weight weekly (after the first few weeks) until they leave us to ensure they are growing adequately

kept the puppies and their environment clean, cleaning them out several times a day

fed the puppies at least four times a day with premium puppy food to ensure they were getting everything they needed for their healthy development

washed and groomed the puppies regularly so they are used to this

immunised the puppies at 6 weeks of age

microchipped the puppies at 6 weeks of age

registered the puppies with the Companion Animals Registry

registered the puppies with Dogs NSW (this is compulsory for all registered breeders of pure bred dogs)

spent considerable time playing with, and socialising your puppy, to ensure it is the best companion for you

Raising puppies is an extremely time consuming and labour intensive task.

Your Puppy will go to his new home with you with lots of support.

Every puppy will be vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, and health checked by a vet prior to it leaving Beljala Kennels.

 Six weeks pet insurance, a puppy pack, an information booklet, a week’s supply of food and full documentation will be supplied with the puppy. This way you are confident that your puppy is in the best of health when it leaves for its new home with you, and you have everything you will need for your puppy for at least the first week.

The puppy pack will contain:

  • small travel crate

  • dry bed for crate

  • puppy training pads

  • blanket

  • towel

  • food bowl

  • water bowl

  • poo scoop

  • poo pick up bags

  • Puppy Health Record book

  • lots of toys

  • chewies

  • brush

  • comb

  • small bottle of shampoo

  • small bottle of conditioner

  • collar

  • lead

As responsible breeders we will provide you and your puppy wiTh life-time support. We are only a phone call away.


Why do we show dogs?

Showing dogs is an enjoyable pastime for us. We spend a lot of time washing, grooming, training and bonding with our dogs in order to get them ready for the show ring.

Our dogs really enjoy shows and get quite excited when it is time to get in the car to head off for a show. They enjoy “strutting their stuff” and showing off how beautiful they are. They really enjoy going away for a weekend of shows and camping at the grounds.

The purpose of dog shows is to compete against others in the breed to determine which dogs are the closest to the breed standard. It is a way to judge a dog's potential to improve the breed.

If a dog isn't breed standard or doesn't have the appropriate temperament, then the dog will / should not be used for breeding. At Beljala Kennels we breed from Champion and / or imported dogs that meet breed standard and have the potential to improve the breed in Australia.

A lot of dogs that are shown never reproduce. Like us, many people show dogs as a hobby, a sport, and a social event. It is often a fun activity that people enjoy with their dog.

Why buy a pure bred dog?

Basically, when you buy a pure bred dog you know what to expect. Purebred dogs registered with Dogs NSW (or other state bodies) and the Australian National Kennel Control are bred to a breed standard. Every detail about what that particular type of dog should be like - appearance, temperament, size, etc - is clearly set out. When dogs are shown in dog shows they are measured against this standard. When dogs that have been successful in the show ring (ie conform fairly closely with the standard) are bred together, you should be fairly confident

An article from Dogzonline summarizes this beautifully.

Why buy a Pure Bred Dog?


Any other questions?

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Why do we breed dogs?

What differences are there between a pet and a show dog?